Work-Life Balance in 2023

In 2023, we are seeing how important work-life balance is and how problematic it can be when there’s an imbalance. We must take time for physically/emotionally satisfying activities, outside of work. It’s easier said than done! Everyone’s “balance” will look different, but creating a healthy and sustainable way to thrive professionally and personally can significantly improve mental health.

Some common issues that occur when there’s more work and less play include stress, fatigue, resentment, irritability, low motivation, and burnout. These issues directly impact our ability to work effectively and also negatively impact those around us. Family relationships can suffer, as well as friendships if you are struggling with these issues. And healthy family relationships, connecting with peers, and having deep bonds with others is essential for our happiness.

Work-life balance might be harder to navigate now in a world where remote and hybrid work is on the rise. Many people prefer to work from home, which offers flexibility and results in increased productivity and job satisfaction. But it can also be more challenging to achieve a work-life balance because taking work home blurs the line that separates work from life. Without a distinct line between these, employees can feel like they are “permanently” at work and unable to relax at home.

No matter where you’re working, it’s important for our mental health to balance work and life. Have you taken time to reflect on how your work-life balance could improve? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Set boundaries at work (or home).
  2. Take breaks- especially your lunch break.
  3. Prioritize your health.
  4. Plan your leisure activities ahead of time.
  5. Practice self-care.
  6. Say no to more work responsibility at work, when needed.
  7. Make time for hobbies and socializing.

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