SafeCare Program

SafeCare is an 18-week, in-home parenting program that focuses on teaching caregivers the skills necessary to make good health decisions for their children, keep their home hazard-free, and improve interactions with their children.

SafeCare partners with the Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services to provide services at no cost to the family.


How we help.

  • Can prevent the removal of children from the parents home and reoccurrence of child abuse or neglect
  • Helps parents develop skills for a healthier home by providing information on how to prevent and identity common child illnesses or injury and identify when the child should be treated at home or by the doctor
  • Teaches ways to keep the home safe by showing how to childproof the home and provide a safer environment
  • Teaches parents to engage with their child to increase positive interactions and prevent challenging behavior.

What to expect:

  • During each home visit, the provider will describe new SafeCare parenting skills, explain why skills are important, ask you to model skills, provide feedback, and set weekly goals.

  • The provider will work with you in the home for up to 90 minutes a week for 18-22 weeks.

  • The provider will share weekly updates with the Division of Child and Family Services Family Service Worker.

Additional Benefits:

  • Each caregiver receives a caregiver binder, and a safety kit (cabinet latches, doorknob covers, etc.)

  • SafeCare Providers can help clients with referrals to local resources, such as: Counseling, Food Banks and Adult Education.

  • Providers are knowledgeable on a number of parenting topics and can provider additional guidance and support.


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