Summer: When everyone is home…

Warm weather, sunshine, long days… the blissful part of summer. On the less blissful side, we are all hot, bored, and stuck at home. The kids are home from school, and many adults are still work from home in this new post-pandemic world. It is easy for tensions to run high when noise and chaos of a growing family are isolated to the 4 walls of our homes.  

Below are 20 ideas to get the kids moving, off the devices, creative, and engaging with you and their siblings: 

• Obstacle Course
• Water Balloons
• Plant a garden
• Build a bird house or feeder
• Send postcards to family & friends
• Finger painting
• Make a box town out of old boxes
• Have a picnic on the living room floor
• Learn a new language
• Scavenger Hunt
• Walk the dog
• Do blind taste tests with various drinks and food
• Bake some treats for your neighbors
• Make a time capsule
• Camp in the backyard
• Color “Easter Eggs” any time
• Make up a story;  Illustrate it
• Make homemade pizza
• Collect Bugs
• Make butterflies from coffee filters 

We know summer is so much fun, but can also be taxing on all members of the family. Use summer as a time to slow down, reconnect, and develop new hobbies. Happy summer! 

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