Substance Abuse Program

LSCI Offers Substance Abuse Treatment Services

LSCI offers services and options will be discussed following an assessment of the need for substance treatment services. Our services include:

  • Substance abuse individual counseling
  • Substance abuse group therapy
  • Support groups

Call us at (870) 972-1268 to find out which locations provide substance abuse services.

Eligibility for Substance Abuse Services

To be eligible for the outpatient substance abuse services provided by LSCI you must meet certain minimum requirements:

  • You must be suffering from a substance abuse diagnosis as defined by the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM V and revisions)
  • You must have the ability to participate in the services that are being provided.
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Assignment to a Counselor or Group

LSCI will not refuse services to any client, unless based on the primary diagnosis, services are not available within the program to adequately meet the recipient’s mental health needs. We will attempt to match you with the treatment which will best meet your needs following a review of the request for service. Counselor assignments will be made with consideration of the best resources to fit your needs and the availability of counselors. Your assigned counselor will contact you to arrange an appointment and discuss the availability of group services if indicated as necessary to the clinical process. When an immediate individual counseling assignment or group assignment is not available you will be offered referrals to providers in the community to expedite the process of being seen.