National Month of Hope

April is National Month of Hope, which is all about celebrating the power of hope — the belief that things will work out, especially when it seems otherwise. Have you ever noticed how frequently the word ‘hope’ is used in our everyday conversations? Well, this is because hope is a concept that is deeply rooted in our culture and society. Let’s take a look at some things in our everyday lives that can provide hope to us, even in a time that may feel dark or disheartening:

• Family and Friends
• Investing in Community
• Investing in Religion, Spirituality, or Mindfulness
• Taking the Time to be Outside and Breathe in Fresh Air
• Moving your Body

These are just some areas that have been proven to boost mood, give perspective, and provide an anchor for our lives. One way to see the things in life that we are grateful for that in turn can make us hopeful is to write in a journal the areas in our lives in which we are thankful. When we have a tangible record of the things in life that bring us joy, we can cling to those things in times of struggle.

Another important element to being a hopeful person is to be a bearer of hope to others. Speaking truth into others in their time of struggle is such a valuable trait. When others are in pain, we can take that as an opportunity to shower them with truths about their own lives. Reminding them of how much they are loved and valued, encouraging them to look around them and see the life they have built, or encouraging them to invest in a community that is bigger than themselves.

So don’t give up and let’s all become bearers of hope — spread it and teach it! Because this is the best you can do for yourself and others; to always choose hope over hopelessness.

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